11th World University Wrestling Championship 2014 Pécs, Hungary


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Dear Guests,

Dear Sport fans,

A prestigious event, the university wrestling world championship, is going to be hosted by the City of Pécs and the University of Pécs in the July of 2014.

It is a unique competition in several respects.

On one hand, although the city of Pécs has already organised national Olympiad in this branch of sport and that there is a strong emphasis on the local junior education program, an event this prestigious have long been awaited by the local sport-loving public.

Secondly, Pécs is a city in which the students of remote lands often have the opportunity to meet owing to the foreign exchange relations and cultural events of the city; however at this event we welcome young excellences, whom are connected by sport and their love for sport.

Thirdly, wrestling is one of the most successful branches of sport in Hungary. Between 1908 and 2004 Hungary had 19 adult Olympic champions in wrestling, particularly in the Greco-Roman style.

The prestige of the event, internationalism and the Hungarian traditions all make this world championship significant to the city and University of Pécs.

When in the May of 2011 in Switzerland the right to host this championship was granted to Hungary, we undertook the continuation of a quite successful series.

Since 1986, Hungary has organised university world championships in several sport branches; recently in 2010 in Szeged in rowing and in Nyíregyháza in handball.

We are proud to have cooperated in the carry-out of this successful tender.

I hope that the sequence of success continues: in the 2012 wrestling university world championship our competitors earned one gold, one silver and one bronze medal.

300 young talents from 30 countries are expected to compete in Pécs. We are going to do our very best to make our guest acquainted with all the charm, values and historic buildings of our 2000-year-old city, Pécs.

Sport ambassadors of remote cultures and students of other universities are welcome at the event. We hope the meaningful friendships will be made and all participants will return home with memories of a hospitable university and city.

“A sound mind in a sound body” – says the ancient saying. These young sportsmen are not only successful in studying, earning a degree and in their professional advancement, they also seek excellence in a completely different field of life.

The University of Pécs is proud to be the host of this prestigious sport event. We hope to receive similarly high standard, worthy tasks.

All participants and those interested are welcome at the event.

Dr. Bódis József

The Rector of PTE



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